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duminică, 22 mai 2011

Magazin Ascuns nou: LIU.JO

To get all items in your dressing room CLICK HERE

Cele mai noi Lucruri

Aceste lucruri sunt de saptamana asta!!!

Voile Gents

Magazinul Voile Gents este pentru Barbati,dar din pacate nu mai este!


The only two left at Starplaza available through ‘Search’ (not the posters)!
But you can also get them (posters included) by:
clicking here for Milly and Becky for Paulina!

Mary-Kate and Ashley posters: Click here!
Hilary Duff poster: Click here!

Hilary Duff items:Click here!

Aly and AJ items: Click here!

Avril Lavigne items: Click here!

Darin items: Click here!
Sabrina Bryan:Click here!

What did the other shops look like? Take a look at:

If you find more, let us know! Thank you!


Did you know not everything from KOHL’S is visible in the shop? Older collections are still available through ‘Search’!

Editii Speciale

This heart didn’t appear in the Sunny Bunny shop!
But you can get it by clicking here!
Two items still in Starplaza’s Search, but not in any shop:
A PPQ summer hat and the Hot Buys Bow!

Bow: Search ‘green’: round page 13 NO LONGER THERE!

An old Rio boys item: Click here!

Jewellery! Most are non-superstar! Click here!

Sephora cleanser! Click here!

A dog, spider and rose: Click here!

If you find more, let us know? Thanks! :D

sâmbătă, 21 mai 2011

Free rochie Decades

-Go to
-Log into Stardoll.
-Now go to
-Enter your personal details (you can make these up if you want to!)
-The dress will be in your suite in front of your closet.


Cine este conectat?Salut!
Eu sunt membru pe Stardoll din 28.02.2011!
Am 326 Starpoints si 158 Starcoins!
Sunt tare Trendy!

Free Free Free....!!!!

  • use web proxy such as or (please don't click any adv...just skip it..thanks)
  • copy and paste this link: to the proxy's url bar
  • log in to your stardoll
  • change the link (on the proxy's bar) to
  • log out, and check your beauty parlor :)

b) Free Japan T-Shirt

c) Chata de Galocha Top

  • just go to and wait until you're in and leave...
  • go to your suite and check it

FREE: Shoes, JB Doll, Dress, Tee, Red Top, Felicity Bag,

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 2:00PM by fikrianna 2 Comments - 1,435 Views

Shoes and Felicity Bag
  • use USA web proxy such as
  • copy and paste this link into proxy's url bar:
  • log in, and copy+paste this link
  • log out. and check your suite (for the bag, you will get it automatically everytime you log in using USA proxy)

Justin Bieber Doll

  • use Russia's web proxy such as
  • copy and paste this link:
  • log in, and change the link into
  • then, log out

  • use poland's proxy such as or
  • copy and paste this link
  • log in, and change the link into
  • log out and check your suite

Red Top:
  • use poland's proxy such as or
  • copy and paste this link
  • log in, and change the link into
  • log out and check your suite

FREE: JB's Jacket, JB's Glasses, Felicity Tee, and Barbie's Wing

Tue, 02/08/2011 - 1:13PM by fikrianna 4 Comments - 948 Views

1. JB's Jacket
  • first off all, you must note your user id. how to find it? go to 'My Account' --> Settings. you will found 8 digits of your user id
  • then, go to   . after u= put your user id and click enter
  • click enter, and register your self. you can fill them with fake info but for the e-mail and password, make sure that one is correct
  • after that, click the link to go to your suite

2. JB's Glasses
  • you must use MANUAL PROXY such as (how to use it? click here! ) Port: 80 Port: 80

3. Felicity Tee

4. Barbie's Wing
  • use, and copy+paste this link on the proxy's url bar
  • log in
  • and answer the question. the answer is: FAIRIES and click ENTER COMPETITION
  • log out, and check your suite

thanks for Underneath Stardoll :)

FREE: Jerseys and Football, Dog, and Monster in a Box

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 9:19PM by fikrianna 1 Comment - 642 Views

1) Jerseys
  • Use the USA's web proxy such as
  • then, copy and paste this link to the proxy's url bar:
  • log in into your account, and change the address into
  • then, log out and check your suite

ps: it didn't work for me. i think this cheat only available for superstar.

2) Football
  • use USA's web proxy such as
  • copy and paste this link:
  • log in into your account, and try to answer the questions available.
  • then. log out and check your suite :)

3) Monster and Dog
you will get it after you log in using USA's web proxy :)

Free: iCarly Blouse

Thu, 01/27/2011 - 9:41PM by fikrianna 0 Comments - 168 Views
how to get it?
1. use swedish proxy such as
2. type (or copy) this link into the proxy's url bar
3. log in, and click 'Join This Club' then, log out
4. check out your suite

i hope it will works :) and sorry for no picture :D


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